Sports activities and interests provide many positive opportunities for children. Good sportsmanship pro¬vides guidelines that can be generalized to classroom and lifelong achievement. Partici¬pation in challenging sports contests teaches children to love classroom challenge. It also teaches children to function in a competitive society.The world of sports mirrors how one can play the game of school and life.

Awards of Excellence:

National Level achievements

  • K.Hariharan , Gold medal in carom in Team event
  • K.Hariharan, Silver medal in individual event
  • R. vignesh, Gold medal in under 19 Ball Badminton
  • M.Madhubalan , Bronze medal in under 17 Ball Badminton
  • G. Ramakrishnan, V.Selva vinayagam, C.Guru, Gold medal in Subjunior Volleyball
  • A.Iyyarmani, J.Mariyappan, P.Prasanna , Gold medal in Mini nationals Volleyball

State level Acheivements:

  • K.Hariharan, Silver medal in Carrom (Singles and Doubles)
  • M.Sribalaji, Silver medal in Carrom (Doubles)
  • Received Sangu trophy, SKPN trophy, TVS trophy, St.Joseph’s trophy in Volleyball
  • Participated in state level Athletics and Kho-Kho, (Republic day Sports and Bharathiyar day games