Diploma in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering
a traditional course of study is none the less one which would
find excellent opportunities even across the next decade. A diploma in civil
engineering will give provide a strong grounding for opportunities
in the rapidly
growing infrastructure industry, be it expansion in the rural or urban locales.
The student would be prepared adequately in case he wishes to pursue higher
studies at home and abroad like B.Tech. in civil engineering

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

The Diploma Programme in Mechanical Engineering seeks to provide expertise in
developing manufacturing/ production personnel to meet the needs of industry
and prepare them in the environment of a fast changing
technology arena. A
much sought after course has a seat in the assurance that this branch forms
the basics in many areas of industry

Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical  engineering  governs  the  application  of  electricity,  electronics  and electromagnetism covering subjects including control systems, signal processing and  telecommunications  and  power.  With  a  wide  variety  of multidisciplinary research  in  creating  electrical  equipment,  there  is  tremendous  scope  for employment  in  these  sectors. The  urgent  need  for  well  qualified  and  trained personnel  ready  for  industry  is  strongly  felt  and  our  students  would  be  quite equipped for this Electrical Engineering.