Veludayar School Of Education

Veludayar Teacher Training Institute was established in the year 2005. The motto of Veludayar teacher training institute is KARKA KASADARA which means learning without defects. Our institution is in the process of creating patriotic educators bearing the future of the nation in mind which is being inculcated through the class room sessions. The Institution takes pride in commencing the course with 50 students with trained and qualified teacher educators. It has good laboratories framed as per the curriculum. Through this our institution is in the process of paving the path towards a better society with good ethics and values. Special classes in physical and mental health, yoga and computer training are being conducted to teacher trainees. Many clubs and associations are functioning to develop various skills and competencies amidst students.

Subjects Offered

  •     Science
  •     Arts
  •     Vocational.
  •     2 Years Course.

D.TEd offers an opportunity for today’s women to play an active role in the field of education.